Idea Board

We believe that the moment President Trump is impeached will go down as one of the greatest moment's in American history, and believe that moment is deserving of the most epic celebration in our nation's history. House parties and block parties from coast to coast, fireworks, ticker tape parades - you name it. Want to take part? All you need to do (for the moment) is decide how you want to celebrate the moment of Donald Trump's impeachment when it comes. Everybody is different and may want to celebrate that moment in their own unique way, so we've put together this idea board to help you start brainstorming how you want to celebrate the big moment! If you've got an idea you'd like to add to the list, feel free to submit it on our Contact Us page! The more ideas, the better!

  1. Plan to host a house party so you can celebrate the big moment with family & friends.
  2. Project the news coverage of the impeachment hearings on the side of your house or a nearby wall so that you can really savor the moment with all the glory of a blockbuster film.
  3. Prep a to-go bag with champagne, cheese balls, diet coke, sparklers, little American flags, and whatever else you might think will fit the theme.
  4. Decorate your car (in safe ways, of course!) and encourage your friends to do the same. Then organize yourself into a make-shift parade (in ways that are both sensible and legal).
  5. Celebrate in the street (as in, have fun partying with your neighbors out in the street, but do so safely and don't engage in destructive behavior)
  6. Celebrate out in nature (you can celebrate the moment while being unplugged and communing with nature)
  7. Prep an outfit for the big day. Depending on how you're celebrating, that could mean a tuxedo, a suit with a patriotic tie, a patriotic dress, a cute outfit, a fun outfit, a hilarious costume, or even something sexy. You do you.
  8. Take a day off work, and just have fun in whatever way you like to have fun. Make it a holiday for you.
  9. If you're a frisky or romantic person, make plans with your partner(s) to spend the big day in bed so you can experience (whatever your biggest fantasy is) while watching American history unfold.